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Fri Feb 25 10:21:24 2000 UTC (24 years, 4 months ago) by dpavlin
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1 Release Notes For NikoSoft WebMail
3 This Webmail is a simple set of PERL scripts, it works using module Mail::POP3Client,
4 and allows to send and receive mails.
5 The whole thing is "secured" using POP3 authentication, ie mail can't be send or retrieved
6 without initial correct authentication.
7 No need of any SQL base and so on. However, better know how PERL and CGIs work !
8 For now, non-text MIME attachments are not handled. This allows NSWM to remain simple and
9 light, and not to require an important set of PERL modules.
12 Just unzip it, and set up your favorite HTTP server to handle the application.
13 Then execute the autoconf.pl file, it'll setup all the perl scripts to require
14 the right files automatically. Then you have to edit config.pl file and specify
15 your SMTP server ($SMTPserver variable)
16 Words and paths can be set up in config.pl file. Pay attention that paths are correct also
17 in login.htm file.
18 Don't forget to install Mail::POP3Client:
19 perl -MCPAN -e install Mail::POP3Client on UNIX (or see at http://www.cpan.org)
20 ppm Mail-POP3Client on NT's ActivePerl (but better see at http://www.activetsate.com)
24 V. 0.5 02/00 more bug fixes, VRFY command to resolve email adresses thru sendmail
26 V. 0.4 02/00 install bug fixes, quote and forward
27 creation of autoconf.pl, quoting initial message in reply and forward
29 V. 0.3 02/00 first public release
30 added CC field to sendmail
32 V. 0.2 12/99 internal release - for use on my company's intranet
33 MIME decoding improved, since still not able to handle non-text content
35 V. 0.1 11/99 internal release
36 main shaping, frame structure, basic components

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