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revision 1 by dpavlin, Tue Feb 17 19:47:39 2009 UTC revision 3 by dpavlin, Tue Feb 17 19:54:21 2009 UTC
# Line 8  VBoxManage modifyvm $ve -memory $memory Line 8  VBoxManage modifyvm $ve -memory $memory
8  VBoxManage createvdi -filename $disk -size 8Mb -register  VBoxManage createvdi -filename $disk -size 8Mb -register
9  VBoxManage modifyvm $ve -hda $disk  VBoxManage modifyvm $ve -hda $disk
 rmmod kvm_intel kvm  
 VBoxHeadless -startvm $ve &  
 sleep 1  
 rdesktop-vrdp localhost  

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