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Mon Nov 3 21:28:58 2003 UTC (18 years, 10 months ago) by dpavlin
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.8: +14 -10 lines

1 RServ improved by community version 0.4-pre
3 http://www.rot13.org/~dpavlin/projects/rserv/
4 http://gborg.postgresql.org/project/rservimp/projdisplay.php
6 RServ offers replication capabilities for PostgreSQL. This is improved
7 version of original code by PostgreSQL Inc. included in contrib part of
8 distribution.
10 Originally written by Vadim Mikheev from PostgreSQL Inc., it also include
11 changes made by Nélio Alves Pereira Filho, Grant McLean, Michael A Nachbaur
12 and Dobrica Pavlinusic.
14 Main goals are multi-master capabilities, secure remote replication using
15 ssh, ease of installation and documentation. We aim to create stable and
16 easy to use replication until PGReplication is included in official
17 PostgreSQL. However, it's not planned to discontinue project at that time.
18 You will just have choice of two replication mechanisms.
20 This project is released under the Berkeley/BSD license.
25 This is my attempt to describe files in this distribution.
27 bin/ mostly perl utilities which are required for RServ
28 doc/ contains documentation about RServ collected from various sources
29 doc/README.rserv original README for RServ 0.1
30 doc/eRserver.ChangeLog non-english ChangeLog from Nélio
31 doc/eRserver.HOWTO not quite accurate HOWTO from Sekar Gopi
32 doc/ErServer_internals.txt explanation of ErServer 1.2 internals
33 doc/rserv-design.txt design notes for version 0.3
34 doc/rserv-explained.pod explanation of RServ 0.3 working (use perldoc to view)
35 lib/ contains C source code for rserv.so used by trigger
36 in RServ
37 misc/master.sql database schema of RServ specific part in master
38 database with comments
39 misc/regress.sh original regress script for master->slave replication
40 regress-2s.sh regress script for master->slave1, master->slave2
41 regress-casc.sh regress script for master->slave1, slave1->slave2
42 regress-mm.sh regress for multi-master master<->slave replication
43 misc/slave.sql database schema for slave (changed)
44 misc/rserv_test.pl bulk inserter for populating database
45 misc/rep-demo.sql test database for regression test
46 misc/qa.sh regression test script
47 misc/rserv_init.pl init master and slave database automatically
48 share/RServ.pm perl module used by utilities in bin/
50 Nice accompanying project is pgdiff (also from Dobrica Pavlinusic) available at
51 http://gborg.postgresql.org/project/pgdiff/projdisplay.php
52 compares the structures and data of two PostgreSQL databases (master and
53 slave) and returns the differences as a sequence of SQL commands which can
54 be fed to psql on slave to transform the structure and data from master to
55 slave.
56 It can be used to make regression testing of RServ replication (that's why I
57 originally wrote it).

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