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Sat Nov 8 00:31:14 2003 UTC (18 years, 10 months ago) by dpavlin
Branch: MAIN
File MIME type: text/plain
fixed division by zero if no valid mounts are found in mountscript
added --email option to send e-mails (use Mail::Send)
implemented cycling subjects (use Tie::File)

1 Backup needs your attention!
2 Backup really needs your attention!
3 Backup will soon desperatly need your attention!
4 I think you are ignoring your backup!
5 You should really re-consider your options. What do you do to backup?
6 I'm depressed. You are ignoring backups.
7 Why do you need psinib? It's not like you hear cries for help from it!
8 Solution is simple: kick out filesystems that don't work!
9 Backup over and out (but still with problems!)
10 Time passes... Still problems with backup.
11 I try and try, but I can't fix this without your help...

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