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Fri Oct 19 10:54:19 2001 UTC (21 years, 1 month ago) by dpavlin
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1 <html>
2 <head><title>Change password in Documentum</title>
3 </head>
4 <body>
6 <FORM METHOD="POST" ACTION="/poppass/poppass.cgi">
7 <INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME="host" VALUE="docux2.pliva.hr docux1.pliva.hr">
8 <PRE><b> UserName: </b> <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="username" VALUE="" SIZE=25>
9 <b> Old Password: </b> <INPUT TYPE="password" NAME="password" VALUE="" SIZE=25>
10 <b> New Password: </b> <INPUT TYPE="password" NAME="newpassword1" VALUE="" SIZE=25>
11 <b>Verify New Password: </b> <INPUT TYPE="password" NAME="newpassword2" VALUE="" SIZE=25>
13 <INPUT TYPE="submit" NAME="action" VALUE="Change Password"></pre>
14 </FORM>
16 <hr>
18 <p>For help mail to: <a href="mailto:pcst@pliva.hr">PCST</a></p>
20 </body>
21 </html>

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