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revision 1.1 by dpavlin, Wed Mar 27 16:25:28 2002 UTC revision 1.2 by dpavlin, Thu Mar 28 14:00:59 2002 UTC
# Line 49  na stran. Line 49  na stran.
49   {section name=res loop=$res}   {section name=res loop=$res}
50    <dt>    <dt>
51    <b>{$res/res.NR}.</b> <a href="{$res/res.URL}"><b>{$res/res.TITLE}</b></a></dt>    <b>{$res/res.NR}.</b> <a href="{$res/res.URL}"><b>{$res/res.TITLE}</b></a></dt>
52    <dd>{$res/res.DESC}...    <dd>{if $res/res.DESC}{$res/res.DESC}...<br>{/if}
53    <br><A HREF="{$res/res.URL}"><span class="silver">{$res/res.URL}</span></A>    <A HREF="{$res/res.URL}"><span class="silver">{$res/res.URL}</span></A>
54    <span class="silver"> <i>{$res/res.DOCSIZE} bytes</i> [<b>{$res/res.SCORE}</b>] </span>    <span class="silver"> <i>{$res/res.DOCSIZE} bytes</i> [<b>{$res/res.SCORE}</b>] </span>
55    </dd>    </dd>
56   {/section}   {/section}

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