This is repository of my old source code which isn't updated any more. Go to git.rot13.org for current projects!
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.cvsignore  1.2  21 years  dpavlin   ignore more
HouseSpider.pl  1.1  21 years  dpavlin   create index for HouseSpider
cvs-files.pl  1.3  20 years  dpavlin   use perl from /usr/bin
dump-moz.pl  1.1  20 years  dpavlin   dump Mozilla's passwords which are stored in user profile
email_attachements.pl  1.2  21 years  dpavlin   better customization, first released version
fix_mbox.pl  1.1  21 years  dpavlin   fix mbox-es: e.g. remove virus messages from them
gtk-jpegtran.pl  1.2  21 years  dpavlin   changes so old, that I don't really remember...
istatd.pl  1.2  20 years  dpavlin   support for more than one interface
maillog_flow.pl  1.1  22 years  dpavlin   parse maillog from different machines and report it in message-by-message form …
mailman2mbox.pl  1.1  20 years  dpavlin   fix broken MailMan archive download format to correct mbox format (seems to be i…
mbox2sendmail.pl  1.1  21 years  dpavlin   re-mail inboxes through sendmail
mirror_cpan.pl  1.6  20 years  dpavlin   optionally compress readme files
osf2pam.pl  1.1  21 years  dpavlin   script for migration of OSF (Digital Unix) passwords (without C2) to pam
rcs2html.pl  1.2  20 years  dpavlin   encode < > and & for html
remail.pl  1.2  21 years  dpavlin   sort bind zone
sort_bindzone.pl  1.1  21 years  dpavlin   sort bind zone
traceroute2dot.pl  1.1  20 years  dpavlin   produce dot file (for graphviz) from traceroute output. Very useful to compare t…
xvpictoxpm.pl  23 years  dpavlin   initial import

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