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1 PHP-Nuke: Web Portal System
2 ===========================
5 Welcome to PHP-Nuke!
7 First of all, thanks a lot to download this software, I hope that you
8 can enjoy it.
10 PHP-Nuke is free software, released under GNU GPL Licence version 2.0
11 (see COPYING file for details)
13 PHP-Nuke is the result of many years administrating a news site called
14 Linux Preview (http://linuxpreview.org). First, around August 1998, I
15 wrote my own code in Perl called NUKE and used it for about 1 year,
16 then my site goes big, so I needed a more powerfull system and decided
17 to use Slash, the same used in Slashdot site. It's good but you realy
18 need to know Perl to modify it, need too many modules, need to load
19 a damn daemon that sucks all your CPU power. My Pentium III just appears
20 to be a 386 each minute the daemon make its work. Well, then I discovered
21 Thatware, a good project to have a news site under PHP. I learned PHP
22 in less than a week and initiate to modify it. There are too many mods
23 to mention, it was practicaly a rewrite. I added some cool stuff, deleted
24 some others and after more than 380 hours of hard work in 3 weeks! PHP-Nuke
25 was born.
27 From August 17, 2000 LinuxPreview.org is owned by LinuxAlianza.com,
28 maybe now I'll have some time to make better PHP-Nuke versions ;)
30 For installation instructions, go and read INSTALL file, also remember
31 to read CREDITS file to know from where comes the things. The TODO file
32 is the list of features that I'll add in future versions, read it also.
34 Please, enjoy PHP-Nuke and remember that this is free GPL software and
35 comes without any warranty and without technical support, so please don't
36 email me to ask how to make this or that, I'll ignore that type of emails.
38 PHP-Nuke isn't perfect, but your suggestions and feedback can help all
39 us to have a very well done portal system!
41 IMPORTANT NOTE: Is good to see some projects based on this software, but
42 there are some that just copied all the code "without modifications" and them
43 removed all copyrights everywhere. If you want to start your project based
44 on PHP-Nuke READ the GPL license. If I see more plagiarists I will have two
45 options, one is to stop releasing PHP-Nuke, and the other one is to rewrite
46 it and release under propietary and restrictive license... Think about it,
47 don't make the GPL sucks like this, ok? The guidelines of the GPL are clear,
48 and for those who released their own "un-modified" version of PHP-Nuke (you
49 know who you are) just four words: STOP VIOLATING THE GPL! and don't steal
50 my LOGO!!!!!
52 PS: Sorry for my English, I'm not english spoken guy. Also, remember I receive
53 too many Emails, so I can't answer to all you, but for sure I'll read all
54 Emails I receive.
57 -- Francisco Burzi

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