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1 PHP-Nuke: Web Portal System
2 ===========================
4 Base Requirements
5 -----------------
7 In order to setup Nuke the folowing prerequisits are necessary.
9 A Linux Box (http://www.linux.org) Installed and working properly.
10 Apache Web Server (http://www.apache.org)
11 PHP (mod_php) Apache module (http://www.php.net)
12 MySQL database server (http://www.mysql.com)
14 The above doesn't mean it work with other configurations, OS's, DB's etc,
15 but we only provide INSTALL instructions for the above configuration.
17 Set-up of these required packages is beyond the scope of this document
18 and if you are unsure you should check with each of the appropriate web
19 sites for further details.
21 At this moment is known that PHP-Nuke has some problems working with PHP4,
22 when I have some money to buy a test machine to install in my LAN I promise
23 that I'll look into this to make it 100% compatible with PHP 3 and 4.
26 Installing the Package
27 ----------------------
29 Unzip and Untar the package into the directory you want to use on you web
30 server, if you're unsure where that is, ask you system administrator.
32 tar -zxvf PHP-Nuke.tar.gz
34 Change to the sql/ directory and there is a file called "nuke.sql"
35 this file contains the commands to build the database structure,
36 tables and the default data.
38 1) Create a database called, for example, nuke:
40 mysqladmin create nuke
42 2) Now fill the databases with the tables in nuke.sql file:
44 mysql nuke < nuke.sql
46 3) That's it!... now you need to edit the file "config.php", read the comments
47 for each option, and make the changes necessary for your installation
48 when you have finished making your changes you are ready to launch your
49 web browser.
51 Upgrading from previous versions
52 --------------------------------
54 To upgrade a prevoius PHP-Nuke installation to this new version you
55 need to launch your web browser to:
57 http://www.yourdomain.com/upgrades/upgrade1-25.php
59 to upgrade from 1.0 and
61 http://www.yourdomain.com/upgrades/upgrade2-25.php
63 to upgrade from 2.0x
65 all the new tables will be added and updated automagically without touch
66 your old data, then you need to reconfigure the file config.php to match
67 your site's info.
70 Testing the Installation
71 ------------------------
73 Go to your homepage, for example:
75 http://yourdonaim.com/index.php
77 To initiate your activities in your site, you need to login as Administrator at:
79 http://yourdomain.com/admin.php
81 at the login prompt enter the following:
83 AdminID: God
84 Password: Password
86 this will give you full administrator priviledges to your installation of Nuke.
87 For security reasons please remember to change the admin password and nickname
88 "immediately". You can do this by clicking on the "Edit Admins" option.
89 Remember to "Logout" from admin after you use it, from this area you can
90 delete or add content on your site, never leave your computer without logggin out
91 from the admin account. If something bad happens don't come crying to me.
93 I recommend the use of phpMyAdmin. It's a good administration system for
94 MySQL databases. To download it just go to http://phpwizard.net/phpMyAdmin
96 I also recommend to set a password for your MySQL access. This is important
97 as some data in the nuke database is not encrypted, so for security reasons you
98 need to set a password, not only that, it's good practice!
100 For Banners System, when you setup a new client, you need to assign a new
101 login/password for him. The login and password is used by the client at the url:
103 http://yourdomain.com/banners.php?op=login
105 in order to let the client view and track the banners stats in real time
106 just pass that url to your clients. Take a look yourself before you do.
109 Theme Customization
110 -------------------
112 If you want touse any other included theme as the default theme, just rename
113 the "Default" folder in themes directory to whatever you like, and then rename
114 any other theme directory to "Default". Also you need to add to the new theme
115 the section in html for the users login. This section is in header.php file.
117 That's it! You're done with PHP-Nuke. Just navigate around, play with it,
118 abuse it and if you like PHP-Nuke, use it. Spend some time getting used to the
119 administration interfaces.
121 To change your site's logo, go to the themes directory and make a custom
122 logo for each individual theme. Just navigate around all themes and change
123 the graphics you want.
125 A note for the PHP-Nuke site's administrators: Only admins (authors) can
126 view the following data in the site:
128 - Administration Menu
129 - Number of New Submissions
130 - Edit button for each link in Web Links
131 - Edit and Delete options for each Article
132 - Delete option for each comment
133 - IP/Host address of the comment poster
134 - Moderation option and button (if set for admin only through config.php)
135 - more in the future versions...
137 I made this software free, and released it under GPL, so this software
138 costs you exactly "nothing". All that I ask you is, if you use it "please"
139 try to leave a link from your pages to http://www.ncc.org.ve/php-nuke.php3
140 and let others know that you're using PHP-Nuke. That's all I ask. If you
141 want to make me a donation, please contact me by email at fburzi@ncc.org.ve
142 I'll appreciate any money, books or new/used hardware you want to donate to me. I promise to improve this
143 software and make more for web production.
144 If you want to donate something without mail me, just send your donation to:
146 Francisco Burzi C.
147 Av. Principal Pueblo Nuevo
148 Via Poligono de Tiro
149 Casa # Z-1315
150 San Cristobal, 5001
151 Estado Tachira
154 If you send me any Windows related stuff you will be burn in hell, for sure!
155 Send all you want for Linux, or anything that works in Linux.
156 Finally, if you use PHP-Nuke in your site, please let me know and I'll put
157 a link back to your site from mine in the PHP-Nuke page. Ok?
159 Enjoy this software!
161 PS: When you e-mail me asking something, just remember that I receive more
162 than 600 e-mails per day!!! so I can't answer to all you, but for sure
163 I'll read it. But please don't expect an answer if your mail is a question
164 about how to do this or that.
166 Due to a lot of emails I received I want to say:
168 - There isn't a mailing list
169 - There aren't developers teams, PHP-Nuke is the result of my needs and
170 collaboration of some good people who know much PHP than me (I'm learning
171 so much, you can expect a complete rewrite of entire system in the future)
172 - No, I'm not participating nor reading SourceForge forums
173 - This (3.5) is the last release in SourceForge, next releases will be only
174 available on the official site (http://www.ncc.org.ve/php-nuke.php3)
175 - Thanks for understand the above issues!
178 *****************************************************
179 * PHP-Nuke URL: http://www.ncc.org.ve/php-nuke.php3 *
180 *****************************************************
182 Enjoy!
184 -- Francisco Burzi

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