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revision 85 by dpavlin, Wed Aug 31 16:53:21 2005 UTC revision 86 by dpavlin, Tue Sep 6 11:14:49 2005 UTC
# Line 556  sub send_queued_messages { Line 556  sub send_queued_messages {
556                                  my $m_obj = Email::Simple->new($msg) || croak "can't parse message";                                  my $m_obj = Email::Simple->new($msg) || croak "can't parse message";
558                                  $m_obj->header_set('Return-Path', $from_email_only) || croak "can't set Return-Path: header";                                  $m_obj->header_set('Return-Path', $from_email_only) || croak "can't set Return-Path: header";
559                                  $m_obj->header_set('Sender', $from_email_only) || croak "can't set Sender: header";                                  #$m_obj->header_set('Sender', $from_email_only) || croak "can't set Sender: header";
560                                  $m_obj->header_set('Errors-To', $from_email_only) || croak "can't set Errors-To: header";                                  $m_obj->header_set('Errors-To', $from_email_only) || croak "can't set Errors-To: header";
561                                  $m_obj->header_set('From', $from_addr) || croak "can't set From: header";                                  $m_obj->header_set('From', $from_addr) || croak "can't set From: header";
562                                  $m_obj->header_set('To', $to) || croak "can't set To: header";                                  $m_obj->header_set('To', $to) || croak "can't set To: header";

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