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Mon Feb 14 18:52:26 2005 UTC (15 years, 9 months ago) by dpavlin
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import of Gedafe 1.2.2

2 News and upgrading information for Gedafe
3 =========================================
5 (arrows indicate actions that you should make when upgrading)
7 1.2.2 (2004-05-20)
8 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
9 * Support for Postgresql 7.4
11 1.2.1 (2003-09-03)
12 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
13 * New widget: combo (just the combo-box without text entry)
15 * Bugfixes: date widget didn't work.
17 1.2.0 (2003-09-27)
18 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
19 * PearlReports have been integrated with gedafe. It is now possible
20 to write perl modules (pearls) which will be picked up by gedafe
21 and presented in the "Entry" screen. The idea is to use this
22 facility for generating complex, structured (multi-level) reports.
23 Pearls have access to gedafes Webform generator as well a to the
24 database handle.
26 * Combo-boxes must always reference the 'id' of the table and not the
27 'hid' if the table has one. The old behaviour was confusing and was
28 thus changed, but you can still tell Gedafe to behave like that
29 by setting 'gedafe_compat' to '1.0' in the Start function.
31 -> Change all combo-boxes where the 'hid' is referenced in the
32 'id' field of the view to reference the 'id' of the table
34 OR
36 -> Put the following in the Start function of the cgi script:
38 gedafe_compat => '1.0'
40 * The 'filterfirst' attribute must now be set on the _list view if one
41 is used.
43 -> Change the meta_table_table field of all filterfirst attributes to
44 the name of the _list view instead of the table, if a list view is
45 present.
46 -> Since attributes in a _list view have no reference property, this must be
47 specified in meta_fields (check the docs)
49 * More widgets: the 'widget' attribute of the meta_fields
50 can now specify more widgets and widgets can now have parameters. For
51 example with 'idcombo(combo=...)' another combo-box can be selected
52 instead of the one chosen by Gedafe. See 'EDIT WIDGETS' in
53 gedafe-sql.pod for a description of all widgets.
55 * Blobs (files) can now be inserted into bytea columns if you have
56 Postgresql >= 7.2
58 * Referencing large tables can now be done trough a java
59 applet instead of a html select widget. This makes large (>100 rows or
60 a few kb) tables more easy to use. See documentation about 'isearch'
61 for details.
62 Please remember to set the 'isearch' value to point to your copy of
63 isearch.jar in your cgi script. It must be a relative address on the
64 same server as the cgi script for java security reasons.
66 * Dates can now be entered with a special 'date' widget.
68 * Data can now be scanned for tokens resembling web objects (e.g.
69 e-mail addresses, http urls), and automatically marked up to be hyper
70 links. Set the 'markup' attribute to 1 in meta_fields for the desired
71 column.
73 * Gedafe can now count the total number of results returned from the
74 database. This is helpful for seeing the number of items found by a
75 search, and in skipping to the beginning end or of a result set.
76 When enabled, you will see extra navigation links "First", and "Last"
77 on every page, as well as the index of the rows shown in relation to
78 total rows. To enable this feature, call Start() with the
79 'show_row_count' => 1,
80 parameter. It is turned off by default due to slightly higher
81 database overhead.
83 * If you have the Text::CSV_XS Perl module installed (available from CPAN),
84 gedafe automatically detects it, and gives the option of exporting data
85 either in CSV format (comma-separated-values), or in tab-delimited format.
86 CSV format is useful for data with embedded newlines characters.
88 * The meta_fields attribute 'align' can be used to change the alignment
89 of a coulumn. The default is right-aligned for numeric fields and
90 left-aligned otherwise.
92 * The buttons in the list view (with the arrows for navigation and 'ADD' to
93 add a new record) can now also appear at the top before the list. Use the
94 'list_buttons' option in the Start function to select where to display the
95 buttons. The value can be one of: top, bottom, both or none.
97 1.0.6 (2002-03-17)
98 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
99 * 'action=export' instead of 'action=list' or 'action=listrep' returns
100 a comma-separated-values listing of all rows of the table. You can use
101 the EXPORT_URL variable in the templates to reference the correct
102 URL.
104 1.0.5 (2002-02-18)
105 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
106 * The edit view now returns to the "Referer" if it is provided by the browser.
107 This makes it possible to jump internally directly to an edit view (from
108 the list view of another table for example)
110 1.0.1 (2001-02-20)
111 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
112 * The old pre-0.9.16 meta_tables and meta_fields structure is not anymore
113 supported.
115 * New template: error.html used for unexpected internal errors.
117 -> put the new error.html in your templates directories
119 * The escaping characted for encoding data in reedit_data has changed
120 from '%' to '!', so any old pre-built urls with reedit_data set won't work.
122 * searches are now case insensitive
124 * gedafed has changed
126 -> replace gedafed and restart it
128 * app_site and app_path are not anymore needed in the startup script
130 -> remove app_site and app_path from the startup scripts
132 * all the templates have a new variable: DATABASE_DESC containing the
133 comment set on the database. You thus can take the original
134 example/template/header.html and use it for your application.

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