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1 dpavlin 1.1 Site Manager instructions
4     What are key features of Site Manager?
6     - sharing of files using www interface
7     - tracking of changes to files
8     - security (using encryption while contacting web server and user
9     identification)
12     Screen is visually divaded in three parts:
14     1. Display of directories
15     Which are listed under DIRECTORY NAME in alphabetical order
17     2. Display of documents on server
18     Which are also listed alphabetically
20     and
22     3. Grey area which can be used to create new directory or empty file,
23     or to upload document from PC to server
26     Basic operations are:
27     * sending of file to server (by choosing UPLOAD link on bottom area)
28     and retriving of file (by clicking of filename).
29     - send file to server:
30     Choose upload button to get to screen which is used
31     to upload documents to server.
32     Press BROWSE and select file from file requestor
33     which will be displayed on screen.
34     After that press UPLOAD and you will be returned to
35     previous screen, but it will now display newly uploaded file.
36     If you wish to abort sending of file to server choose CANCEL.
38     - retrieve file from server:
39     simply click on filename. File will be downloaded to disk
40     or opened in application depending on file type. However,
41     after changing of file that file WILL NOT be updated
42     on server automatically. To update copy of file on server
43     (and enable other users to see changes in file) you will
44     have to:
45     1. save file locally to disk (under same name), and
46     2. send it to server again.
47     If you send file to server under different name, you
48     will have two copies of same file which can be confusing.
51     Additional operations available are:
52     * Detailed informations about file (which can be showed by clicking on
53     icon which is displayed left from filename).
54     - filename
55     - file size
56     - date and time of last modification and access
57     - document contents (which you can edit) -- only if document type
58     is plain text. If file is Word Document of some other binary
59     format you will have to edit it on your local computer and
60     upload changed file back to server.
61     - deleting of file (by choosing of a checkbox located left
62     from button DELETE and pressing DELETE)
63     - renaming of file (by changing of name, choosing of checkbox
64     and pressing of RENAME)
65     - changes to file with dates, time and user which made the change
68     Planned enhancements:
69     - locking of files so that other users can't download file while
70     one user is changing it. This will be accomplished by checking
71     out (downloading to local machine) of file and checking in
72     (sending back to server) of file.
73     - adding of comments to file which can be viewed directly on web
74     (short notes like: "this is just a working version")

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