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Revision 1.10 - (show annotations)
Wed Jan 8 16:38:58 2003 UTC (20 years ago) by dpavlin
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.9: +5 -0 lines
new htusers_ldap module based on contributed code by
Benjamin Baez <bbaez(at)biospectra.com>

1 release 1.9.1
2 - improvement to htusers_ldap.php which allow to authentificate to
3 ldap server using currnet user's credentials
4 (done by Benjamin Baez <bbaez(at)biospectra.com>, thanks!)
6 release 1.9
7 - fixed bug with changelog dates
8 - better suppport of special characters in passwords
9 - add user using php web page (without perl script)
10 - other minor improvements and bugfixes
12 release 1.8
13 - force download for CheckOut (always) and View (optional)
14 - ability to include and execute external php code inside docman (this can
15 be used to display tree-like view of all files in repository).
16 Examples for this functionality is in directory named `include_php'
17 - ability to logout simply by not entering password. that way, browser will
18 remember credentials which will just bring logout page
19 - ability to use web server's http authorisation (by using http_header module
20 or using htusers_htaccess module -- first one provide authorisation for
21 each user and htusers_htaccess allows any authentificated user to login)
23 release 1.7
24 - added adduser-dbi.pl script to add users if SQL database storage is used
25 - added htusers_header which can auth users based on client IP address or
26 DNS name or on referer (site from which user came)
27 - added htusers_union which allows admins to setup users in more than one
28 auth realm (files, SQL database...) for same docman site
29 - dbi php classes are now included in distribution
31 release 1.6
32 -users can be stored in SQL database (PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle and ODBC is
33 supported)
34 -it can hide files selected in configuration
35 -backup of site can be made using mass downloader
36 -various bugfixes

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