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revision 1.2 by dpavlin, Tue Jan 30 15:30:36 2001 UTC revision 1.14 by dpavlin, Mon Oct 29 15:59:13 2001 UTC
# Line 1  Line 1 
1  ver=1.4pre  files=docman.php auth_*php adduser.pl docman.txt htusers*php docman.conf admin.txt ChangeLog FAQ TODO NEWS contrib/email2htusers.pl contrib/backup.php contrib/sendlogins.pl contrib/sendlogins.txt dbi/AUTHORS dbi/COPYING dbi/dbi_mysql.php dbi/dbi_odbc.php dbi/dbi_oracle.php dbi/dbi_pgsql.php
2  files=docman.php auth_*php adduser.pl docman.txt admin.txt ChangeLog FAQ  
3    # extract version number from docman.php
4    ver := $(shell grep "gblVersion *=" docman.php | cut -d\" -f2)
6  dist:  dist:
7          rm -f ChangeLog          rm -f ChangeLog
8          rcs2log -h rot13.org > ChangeLog          rcs2log -h rot13.org > ChangeLog
9          rm -Rf docman-$(ver)          rm -Rf docman-$(ver)
10          mkdir docman-$(ver)          mkdir docman-$(ver)
11          cp $(files) docman-$(ver)          cp -rpP $(files) docman-$(ver)
12          tar cfvpz docman-$(ver).tar.gz docman-$(ver)/          tar cfvpz docman-$(ver).tar.gz docman-$(ver)/
13          rm -Rf docman-$(ver)          rm -Rf docman-$(ver)

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