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problems with php3

1 dpavlin 1.1 This is frequently asked questions about Document manager:
3     1. How do I use secure server?
5     It's not docman specific. You just have to install SSL support
6     for Apache (or your web server) and it will work (take a look
7     at http://www.modssl.org/ for more info about installing
8     Apache with SSL support)
10     2. Images (icons) are not included in distribution
12     DocMan uses standard Apache icons (which are under
13     /icons/ URL if you have Apache) or symbol font (available
14     only under windows I'm afraid).
16 dpavlin 1.2 3. I'm having problems using docman with php3
18     php3 isn't supported (intentionally). You should really upgrade
19     to php4. If you can't for some reason, contact me and I will
20     see if I can write work-around for php3.

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