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general overview README about all modules

1 This is collection of cricket modules which use ssh to acquire data from
2 remote hosts with minimal or no installation on monitored host.
4 non-interactive login on remote host and execute different command
5 according to identity file.
7 Most documentation is included on top of perl file. There are also
8 example Default and target files in respective directories in distribution.
9 You will have to edit Default files if your installation is not in
10 /data/cricket.
13 maillog
14 ------
16 Install parse_maillog.pl on target host and ssh to get data in cricket.
17 You will have to change some parameters in script:
18 $log to point to your mail.log location if you don't want to
19 give log as fist parameter in command line (recommended)
20 $domain to your local domain (so that you can separate incoming
21 and outgoing e-mail in graph)
22 $delta (by default /var/tmp), location of temp file which will
23 store current offset in mail.log -- you should create
24 that file under user which will run parse_maillog.pl
25 or you risk race bug by malicious user
28 iptraf
29 ------
31 This module is based on work of Eric Wong <eric@taedium.net> available at
32 http://www.taedium.net/rrd-iptraf/. You will have to install parse_iptraf.pl
33 on target host and edit:
34 @PORTS array if you want to monitor something else too (have in
35 mind that you will have to edit iptraf/Defaults also if
36 you change @PORTS!)
37 $log - only if you don't intend to give parse_iptraf.pl log as
38 parameter (I recommend that)
39 $delta - to move offset file somewhere else than /var/tmp
41 You will also have to setup iptraf to monitor traffic in 5 minute intervals.
42 Do that from courses interface and start iptraf with
43 # iptraf -s eth0 -B
44 For detailed information about iptraf setup see
45 http://www.taedium.net/rrd-iptraf/.
46 Since you are NOT going to use rrdtool directly (cricket will call it for
47 you) you can ignore rest of instructions.
50 bind9
51 -----
53 You should configure your bind9 on target host as described in
54 README.bind9stat. Then configure parameters on top of script or
55 use command line parameters.
58 df
59 --
61 You don't need to install anything on destination host (other than
62 authorized_keys). I recommend that you use command 'df -Pl' to display df
63 output in format which parse_df.pl understands and to display only local
64 file systems (tested on Linux, HP-UX and Digital Unix).
66 This module will use CPAN perl module Cache::FileCache if available to
67 provide caching (which means that it will connect to each host just once
68 to fetch all disk information). Since you have to install that module on
69 your monitoring station (on which you run cricket) and NOT on target host,
70 I recommend that you do so.
72 You can also use
73 $ parse_df.pl "ssh -i ~cricket/.ssh/df target.host" --config
74 to create target file (with all local partition on target.host) for you.
77 ntp
78 ---
80 This monitor does not require installation on target host. Just run
81 $ ./parse_ntpq.pl ntp.domain --config
82 to create dump target file for ntp server 'ntp.domain'.
85 Most modules will create skip-overview var in target file, so that
86 script generate_overview.pl will show just summary graphs. You might
87 want to remove that from target files if you don't want to use
88 generate_overview.pl
91 generate_overview.pl
92 --------------------
94 This script generates html pages with daily, weekly, monthly and yearly
95 overview of all services and html page per service. It's currently in state
96 of flux. It works, but it's not well documented and needs additional work
97 (and editing of paths in it to work for you). If you use it, remember to
98 change paths on top of file.
101 For distribution site see http://www.rot13.org/~dpavlin/sysadm.html
102 (there is also ChangeLog and CVS repository there).

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