This is repository of my old source code which isn't updated any more. Go to git.rot13.org for current projects!
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t/  182  16 years  dpavlin   fixed test
sess/  218  13 years  dpavlin   create empty sess directory to store keypresses
rom/  174  16 years  dpavlin   Implemented basic Galeb emulator (no keyboard, text output). It boots :-)
docs/  180  16 years  dpavlin   fix pod
Z80/  144  16 years  dpavlin   cleanup build system
M6502/  208  15 years  dpavlin   added mem_peek_region to get chunk of memory as single scalar
ppport.h  116  16 years  dpavlin   begin merge into VRač - Virtualno Računalo
VRac.pm  211  15 years  dpavlin   fix usage, tape now has beginning offset as optional argument
Tape.pm  215  14 years  dpavlin   don't die if tape is unavailable
Session.pm  187  16 years  dpavlin   call debug only if we can
Screen.pm  216  14 years  dpavlin   SDL::App symbols are not exported by default in recent SDL
Prefs.pm  124  16 years  dpavlin   re-organize file patch to new VRac layout to ease re-use of code
Orao.pm  213  15 years  dpavlin   now we render memory when refreshing screen, so even with perl flipping of chars…
Makefile.PL  217  14 years  dpavlin   fix SDL version for recent Debian
MANIFEST.SKIP  151  16 years  dpavlin   ignore session.pl file
MANIFEST  160  16 years  dpavlin   misc build updates
Galeb.pm  214  15 years  dpavlin   move reset in right place
Galaksija.pm  185  16 years  dpavlin   report correct screen_width and screen_height to Screen

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