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App/  1175  15 years  dpavlin   adaptive length of input type=text on form using new form_value_len which is imp…
00-load.t  1096  15 years  dpavlin   fix number of tests
01-Frey-Action.t  975  15 years  dpavlin   display required fields in bold, support spaces in labels (_)
01-Frey-Class-Loader.t  930  15 years  dpavlin   fixed
01-frey-config.t  532  15 years  dpavlin   refactor Frey::Boostrap from Frey::Server to have correct warn handling - we no…
01-frey-mirror.t  532  15 years  dpavlin   refactor Frey::Boostrap from Frey::Server to have correct warn handling - we no…
01-frey-run.t  864  15 years  dpavlin   use Frey::Bootstrap to fix test
01-frey-storage.t  561  15 years  dpavlin   move test data to var/t/
01-frey.t  100  16 years  dpavlin   another refactoring - cleanup cruft code - create Frey::ClassLoader to deal wit…
02-Frey-DBI-Sponge.t  936  15 years  dpavlin   sponge improvements
02-Frey-DBI.t  931  15 years  dpavlin   rename
02-Frey-Introspect.t  1135  15 years  dpavlin   hint how to rebuild introspection files and skipped joose tests
02-Frey-PPI.t  1105  15 years  dpavlin   code cleanup, has_tests always return array
02-Frey-Web.t  961  15 years  dpavlin   rename Frey::Web->page into Frey::Web->html_page to preserve page for later use …
02-frey-session.t  718  15 years  dpavlin   use_ok correct test
02-frey-sql.t  483  15 years  dpavlin   rename test to correct extension .t
03-Frey-IconBrowser.t  972  15 years  dpavlin   draw class includes and refactor parts of code
03-Frey-Pod.t  1034  15 years  dpavlin   test Frey::Pod generation and enable split into toc and content after that, use…
03-frey-classbrowser.t  793  15 years  dpavlin   Frey::Class::Refactor::Modify Frey::ClassBrowser -> Frey::Class::Browser
04-frey-pipe.t  548  15 years  dpavlin   pass debug to pipe
05-Frey-View-JSON.t  962  15 years  dpavlin   fixes
05-frey-dumper.t  797  15 years  dpavlin   Frey::Class::Refactor::Modify Frey::ClassLoader -> Frey::Class::Loader
06-Frey-Feed-Sponge.t  917  15 years  dpavlin   return feed as sponge
06-Frey-Feed.t  915  15 years  dpavlin   use XML::FeedPP istead of Data::Feed
06-frey-translate.t  455  15 years  dpavlin   rename invocable events with prefix as_ with fallback in Frey::Web This started…
07-frey-svk.t  535  15 years  dpavlin   move Frey::Escape funcionality into Frey::Web and chop long warn lines
08-Frey-DBIC-Browser.t  1014  15 years  dpavlin   DBIC refactor of Reblog into sponge
10-frey-web-layout.t  143  16 years  dpavlin   huge refactor of code into more distinct classes - Frey::Collection is now gene…
11-Frey-HTML-Tree.t  777  15 years  dpavlin   r3636@llin (orig r755): dpavlin | 2008-12-08 20:38:06 +0100 rename files
20-Frey-CSS-Area.t  919  15 years  dpavlin   add CSS area graph from http://www.khanate.co.uk/graph/
20-Frey-File-FLV.t  822  15 years  dpavlin   use FLV::Info to provide flv_info with role Frey::File::FLV
20-Frey-File.t  719  15 years  dpavlin   wrap File::Slurp into Frey::File
20-Frey-HTML-Diff.t  1063  15 years  dpavlin   Extract diff to html into role
20-Frey-jQuery.t  908  15 years  dpavlin   r1003@eeepy: dpavlin | 2009-01-01 19:04:54 +0100 use jquery from google ajax …
30-Frey-Cairo.t  829  15 years  dpavlin   added Frey::Cairo to render png telops
30-Frey-Class-Create.t  1092  15 years  dpavlin   test and re-implement old default behavior of t/30-Class.t
30-Frey-Class-Graph.t  1099  15 years  dpavlin   change role shape to diamond
30-Frey-Class-Icon.t  1109  15 years  dpavlin   refactor into role Frey::Class::Icon
30-Frey-Class-Refactor.t  768  15 years  dpavlin   r3627@llin (orig r746): dpavlin | 2008-12-07 02:33:37 +0100 Blame Newspeak fo…
30-Frey-Class-Schematize.t  1093  15 years  dpavlin   added Schematize which create SQL schema for Moose class
30-Frey-CouchAPI.t  1046  15 years  dpavlin   First naive implementation of Apache CouchDB API to files on disk
30-Frey-DBIC-Designer.t  1024  15 years  dpavlin   skeleton designer which can remove columns
30-Frey-Feed-Sponge.t  1043  15 years  dpavlin   test
30-Frey-MapReduce.t  820  15 years  dpavlin   trivial map-reduce on yaml files
30-Frey-OpenSearch.t  792  15 years  dpavlin   Implement OpenSearch for Frey::Shell::Grep
30-Frey-SVN.t  909  15 years  dpavlin   move files to right and re-format commit messages to something nicer (hopefully)…
30-Frey-ScrapBook.t  994  15 years  dpavlin   Frey::ScrapBook sponge generator
30-Frey-Shell-Grep.t  840  15 years  dpavlin   fix ' and " quoting, as well as patterns which begin with - and test it
30-Frey-Shell-Log.t  901  15 years  dpavlin   simple test profile with html report from Devel::NYTProf
30-Frey-Shell-sar.t  866  15 years  dpavlin   simple integration of sar command to produce tabular output (sponge)
30-Frey-View-Exhibit-JSON.t  960  15 years  dpavlin   test
30-Frey-Web-FLVPlayer.t  853  15 years  dpavlin   rename test
30-Frey-Web-IFrame.t  905  15 years  dpavlin   import old and crufty iframe opener
30-Frey-jQuery-flot.t  921  15 years  dpavlin   test time validator in first column of sponge
30-extjs.t  455  15 years  dpavlin   rename invocable events with prefix as_ with fallback in Frey::Web This started…
30-frey-skeleton.t  679  15 years  dpavlin   first draft of ClassCreator to bootstrap new classes
40-Frey-View-NoPager.t  958  15 years  dpavlin   fix test
40-designer.t  784  15 years  dpavlin   r3643@llin (orig r762): dpavlin | 2008-12-09 21:28:33 +0100 Frey::Designer ->…
90-frey-server.t  216  15 years  dpavlin   fix server testing and simplify code
95-frey-test-runner.t  506  15 years  dpavlin   added single test invocation
critic.t  1112  15 years  dpavlin   added Test::Perl::Critic test

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