This is repository of my old source code which isn't updated any more. Go to git.rot13.org for current projects!
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dev.sh  1167  14 years  dpavlin   don't include status bar if FREY_DEV environment variable isn't set
rename-method.sh  1157  14 years  dpavlin   added parameters for old and new method name
critic.pl  1132  14 years  dpavlin   critic my code using Perl::Critic::Moose
checkout-js.sh  1083  15 years  dpavlin   use github upstream for JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit
codeswarm-render.sh  1082  15 years  dpavlin   call Frey::SVN directly (to side-step problem with wget which dies) and render u…
copy-couchdb-futon.sh  1048  15 years  dpavlin   script to copy Apache CouchDB futon interface at expected location
grep-iselect.sh  1037  15 years  dpavlin   added static/*.*
install-debian.sh  1030  15 years  dpavlin   added DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader
dbic-generate-schema.pl  1020  15 years  dpavlin   more dbic fun with resultsets
svk-switch.sh  999  15 years  dpavlin   remove -x so that shell doesn't chat with us so much
profile.sh  901  15 years  dpavlin   simple test profile with html report from Devel::NYTProf
flvplayer-checkout.sh  889  15 years  dpavlin   r985@eeepy: dpavlin | 2008-12-24 21:08:34 +0100 I didn't really touched any f…
checkout-upstream.sh  888  15 years  dpavlin   checkout upstream, patch and compile modified flv-player
flvplayer-build.sh  888  15 years  dpavlin   checkout upstream, patch and compile modified flv-player
flvplayer-diff.sh  888  15 years  dpavlin   checkout upstream, patch and compile modified flv-player
check-syntax.sh  728  15 years  dpavlin   support check of single file
log.sh  669  15 years  dpavlin   added grep support to log helper with: ./bin/log.sh pattern
clean-var.sh  660  15 years  dpavlin   script to cleanup logs and INC dumps which are collected on each request
server-mojo.pl  633  15 years  dpavlin   work on Mojo server which is now partially supported (form post doesn't seem to …
rename-class.sh  467  15 years  dpavlin   rename class with experimental script
create-db.sh  131  15 years  dpavlin   r147@eeepy: dpavlin | 2008-07-15 15:45:37 +0200 dependencies for deploymnet …
dump-storable.pl  16  15 years  dpavlin   script to dump storable

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